There’s not much I can say here. The Rundown will say it for me…Nuggets lose to a team by 20 that has won SEVEN games all year. Very discouraging. Sacramento Kings 122, Denver Nuggets 102


Game notes for the game tonight. Here's the rundown as it happened.


1st Quarter

Kenyon Martin is sitting out tonight. Ty Lawson and J.R. Smith will give it a go.

Shelden Williams is starting

Kings start off hot. Both shots hit are contested…meanwhile Hastings again talks about DeMarcus Cousins‘ poor attitude

Nene dominating Thompson and Cousins. Very Nice. He can't handle the big guy…Nene shoots a great pass to Shelden Williams.

Samuel Dalembert and Melo get in to it a bit after Dalembert fouls him. Melo heads to the free throw line and hits both.

Al Harrington comes in for Shelden Williams. Lets see if he’s less rusty than he was last night.

Francisco Garcia his some tough rainbow three point shots. Starts Kings on a mini run.

Nuggets in a rut, but Harrington finally hits a three point shot. End of period

Nuggets trail 29-27

2nd Quarter

Nuggets start out with the entire second unit in the game. Harrington attacks the basket. JR. is called for a charge. Second unit looks a little off

Cousins abusing Bird. Not pretty. Harrington clanks a three try. Cousins picks up his third foul and is out of the game.

Nuggets are playing like garbage. Not pretty at all. Sacramento leads by 10.

Officials call a foul on Nene when he didn't even touch Landry. Weird

Second unit is killing us.

Al Harrington still in with the first unit.

Nuggets are frittering the game away. Thrown away balls, sloppy play. Harrington can't handle the ball to save his life.

Nuggets down by 14 with two minutes remaining in the quarter. Unbelievable.

Melo gets chippy with Omri Caspi

Nuggets down by 14 at halftime. Yuck. Pathetic.

Nuggets down 69-55


3rd Quarter

Nuggets start the third quarter by Shelden Williams committing an offensive foul

Nuggets get 4 quick points off some good defense. Chauncey scores on a fast break basket. Better defense for the Nuggets to start the quarter.

Shelden Williams picks up his 5th foul. Harrington comes in. Melo draws two quick fouls on Garcia.

Nuggets close to 10 points down. Great defense by the Nuggets. Cousins is flustered with Nene guarding him. Paul Westphal takes a timeout.

Nuggets close within five with four straight points from MELLLLLLLLLO!

Technical foul on DeMarcus Cousins. Boy he has attitude problems.Nuggets close to within two with another basket by MELO!!

Harrington hits the three. Nuggets down by one!

Melo hits another shot. DENVER TIES THE GAME!!

Kings go on a mini run and lead by 5…check that. They add 5 more points and now they are back down by 10. GEEEEZZZEE

Kings close the quarter on a 12-2 run and lead by 10 after three

Nuggets trail 91-81


4th Quarter

Nuggets start off slow in the 4th. A couple of baskets made. Denver's second unit is playing like garbage. I'm beginning to think we may have a problem.

Nuggets now down by 17. Yikes. All that comeback for not.

Can't put this on Melo. He's played very well in the 3rd.

Nuggets now down by 21…we are now back in pathetic territory.

Denver cuts it to 17 with 6:30 left

Nuggets down by 22….I've checked out. Unbelievable. Unforgivable.

Nuggets have given up. Turnover after turnover.

Benchwarmers are in.

For good measure Anthony Carter throws the ball out of bounds

Nuggets lose 122-102


Nuggets of … whatever, it doesn't matter

I've never been so disappointed with this Nuggets team. I'm done with the hyperbole and the words. You all saw what happened. There's no reason for losing like this, and the lack of explanation is what hurts the most. The Nuggets looked lifeless for three quarters. For nearly one quarter they played on fire. The only thing I can think of is maybe the Carmelo situation is getting to them? Maybe not. Honestly I don't care anymore.

Melo didn't play badly. Nene was one of the few bright spots…but the rest of the team played like they wanted to be anywhere but Sacramento this evening. That's not what a professional sports team does.

It's not about having "hope". It's knowing what your team is. It's knowing what your team can accomplish. That's what makes this even more disheartening. My only hope is that the Nuggets can right this ship before it takes we as Nuggets fans down with it.

Have a good night Stiffs. Lets hope for better days to come.