Since the Denver Nuggets have already played the Sacramento Kings, and coming after a very disappointing loss, I feel that I must wax eloquently about this second match-up … in the most unexpected of ways.


On the Court of the Sacramento Kings:

Twas on a chilly January eve, the knights of Denver (20-14) lain siege to the Castle ARCO of Sacramento to lay claim to it's bounty. The so-called "Nuggets" were a rogue-band of men who were unruly to some and heroes to others. While the people of Sacramento (7-25), who were better known for their past glories and epic battles with their neighbors to the south, had become passive and meek. An opportunity was indeed there for the taking for these ruffians from the Golden City of Denver.

Upon this castle do promise a great triumph, yet, these knights of Denver need be aware … while a shadow of their former selves these Kings of Sacramento are dangerous. Be wary good knights! Indeed, the Castle ARCO is guarded by a quick rap scallion by the name of Sir Tyreke Evans. Deadly he is in quickness and agility. Legends are beginning to be told of Sir Evans. Also, a young man from the south has decided to take up arms with the Kings. His name is DeMarcus Cousins. He is known to have an unpleasant disposition, but his talent is unquestioned. This tandem is building quite the reputation throughout the land. They will be difficult foes.

Adequate assistants and soldiers also populate the regiment of the Kings. Francisco Garcia is known to far an wide as the most average of the adequate soldiers. Young Carl Landry, delivered in a conquest of the badlands of Houston has provided a body which the Kings of Sacramento can use in battle. Samuel Dalembert provides much needed backup to young Cousins and Beno Udrih is the small turning wheel on the contraption that drives these Kings of Sacramento. Lord Paul Westphal will cleft thine heart in twain. He is known for his aid to the Suns of the Phoenix and their reign of terror over the Western lands 17-years ago.

Oh but not all is well in the land of Kings as 600 subjects were given access to view the evening's battle without paying a single gold piece. Often, many of the people of Sacramento couldn't be bothered to attend the great battles in Castle ARCO. All seems lost. The good Knights of Denver should prevail.


Nugget scrolls of Knowledge:

Yet not all is well in Denver. Ty Lawson, the young and firey lad from the South was injured in the Battle of the Clippers the very night before laying siege to Castle ARCO. Possibly without his aid it could be up to the legendary Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony to spearhead this battle with the taciturn and dotard Kings. Melo, as he is known, must be more efficient and tenacious in guarding the precious bounty he carries. Likewise Billups must be more judicious in launching his arrow. Often times it misses his target. Verily, Kenyon Martin and Nene (the largest of the Nuggets) must remain vigilant and press onward into battle (unless Martin is again grounded from his horse on the second of a back-to-back). Heeding no foe.

Lord George Karl must devise a plan so fiendish, so devilishly clever as to satisfy the bloodthirsty denizens in the land of Denver. We in Colorado expect our knights to leave no doubt about who is the victor in this battle. Relentless attacks and ferocious tenacity are what we want, nay, what we expect of our knights. They may be an unruly band of ruffians but they should rule the land with an iron fist. They must learn their lessons from the Battle of the Clippers and take no prisoners in their pursuit of victory. Otherwise, it may be King Josh Kroenke and Lord Masai Ujiri who decide our fate for us.

So I say un to you let us FORGET the battle of the Clippers. It is done. May our Nuggets prevail in battle and return to our fair land victorious.

Oppositions take: Sactown Royalty


Disclaimer: I figured we all needed a good laugh after the Nuggets rather pathetic effort against the LA Clippers last night. Hope you guys enjoyed my attempt at lightening the mood. If not…don't make me cry now.