Nene injured in loss

Howdy folks! 

"Did he just say 'Howdy'?"

I did!

Not a lot of thoughts on the game yesterday. But finishing the roadtrip 5-3 and suffering 3 key injuries has me concerned.

KMart's back, Melo's knee, and Nene's knee injuries scare the hell out of me. The good news seems to be there is no structural damage in Nene's knee.

“It doesn’t look like anything structural, but it’s hard to evaluate when it’s so sore,” Nuggets athletic trainer Jim Gillen said.

The injury happened when Nene bumped knees with Richard Jefferson in the lane. After the Nuggets’ 120-117 loss to Milwaukee, Nene said while standing on crutches: “It hurts . . . a lot. It happened so fast. But he bumped me good. I can’t straighten my leg. It’s going to hurt, but it’s nothing crazy, no big thing. I’ll put ice on it and we’ll see.”


Charlie Villanueva dropping 7 threes and scoring a season high 36 on us? Ouch. It was like watching JR Smith out there. After he made that 3/4 length three pointer I had a horrible feeling that Denver was going to lose that one.

Denver has their work cut out for them tonight as they face the Celtics (without KG) and will more than likely be without Kenyon and Nene.

The Celtics are 45-12 (21-8 on the road).
Denver is 37-19 (20-6 at The Can).

Denver won the previous game in Boston on November 14th 94-85.

The Opposition: Celtics Blog

Post Script: Portland is on a two game win streak and currently is only a game and a half behind the Nuggets in the Northwest standings. The Nuggets sure could use a win tonight.