Melo's 43 lead way to Taco Bell

Cuban left sulking once again


Well if you are looking to score some cheap tacos then the Nuggets once again provided you the eater a great deal by scoring 103 points. You go grab yourself a large drink and for just $1 you can stuff your face with three regualar tacos at the Bell.

I was unable to watch the game live, but my boy Bunty recorded the game via DVR and we both did our best to avoid all contact with anyone who might ruin the joy of watching last night's contest. 

Watching the games via DVR is pretty awesome. I haven't done it this season, but forgot how great fast forwarding commercials can be.

Again the Nuggets were without Nene and I was worried about the size of both Dirk and Dampier, but I didn't even know about this 7'0'' Ryan Hollins kid. He brings great energy and athleticism to a frontline that lacks any real athleticism.  Hollins finished with 9 points, 8 rebounds, and blocked 4 shots. Kid was pretty impressive coming off the bench and he's only 24-years-old.

The Mavs were playing without Jason Kidd (lower back) and Josh Howard (ankle), but Kidd was not missed. The Hobbit Jose Juan Barea scored 22 points off the bench and was 5-7 from downtown. Barea killed the Nuggets last night and almost was the difference maker with his outside shooting, it was Barea's second straight game with 20+ points … a great night for a guy who averages 7.7 ppg and shoots 33% from distance on the season.

Denver dominated this game for three quarters. The Nuggets took a 86-76 lead into the fourth quarter and from there the team went cold and Dallas heated up. Classic Nuggets meltdown ensued and before you could blink the game was tied up 88 each after Dallas went on a 12-2 run. It was at this point that Bunty broght me a kitchen knife and I considered becoming a cutter to help ease the pain.

The pain eased when Karl inserted Melo back into the game with just over six minutes to play. Melo dropped 10 points in the decisive quarter and carried the team on his shoulders. I'll tell you what … I don't like comparing Melo to Wade and LeBron because he is not the type of player the other two are. Melo is not a ball handler in the sense that his two draft mates are, but Melo is a better perimeter shooter than either Wade or LeBron and it's no contest.

The Nuggets scored 15 to Dallas' 13 from the 88-88 tie to win this one. Big win for the Nuggets and we did the Suns fans a big favor on the road.

After the game Mavs clownish owner Mark Cuban decided to once again get on JR Smith's case. You can read about it here. There comes a time when the actions of a person just become cartoonish and Cuban is looking like Elmur Fudd. His hunting missions for Smith are just embarrassing.

Denver vs. Golden State

Great win for the Nuggets as they looked a bit tired after that one. Denver plays again tonight against the Golden State Warriors. I'm concerned about the Nuggets energy levels for tonight's game. The good news is that Stephen Jackson has decided to get season ending surgery on his toe Tuesday, so I don't think he will be in the lineup tonight.

Denver will get Nene back tonight and must come out with some energy. The Warriors have been playing loose and are still high scoring and care free with the ball so the pressure to control the game will rest on Billups and company. I'm hoping the Pepsi Center crowd will help re-energize the Nuggets tonight.


Views you can use:

  • The Nuggets shot just 18 free throws against the Mavs and made just 12 of them (66%)
  • The Mavs were 30-37 from the foul line … the officials should be embarrassed
  • JR Smith shot 9-12 from the field including 4-7 from three-point range … good for 22 points on the night – JR has really become deadly from the top of the foul line … good thing Camby is gone because he'd be clogging JR's new spot