Here in Nuggets Nation, we’re pretty comfortable with facts: puppies are cute, Colorado weather is unpredictable, snow is cold, Nikola Jokic is a top-20 player, things of that nature.

But the rest of the world is still discovering what Jokic does for the Nuggets. People are surprised that a former harness racer from Serbia is able to put up triple-doubles against some of the best teams in the league.

Mike Prada, a journalist for SB Nation (the parent site for Denver Stiffs), produces a video series called “Pictures Videos” where he breaks down a certain player or action in the NBA. His most recent video is about Jokic, and it’s very well done.

Watch the video for the photoshop of Jokic conducting a symphony – at least do that. You can read Prada’s article by clicking here.

The Nuggets play the Pacers on Friday.