Nikola Jokic took a minute to speak with the media following the 5th and final day of Denver Nuggets training camp on Saturday and shared a few details about how the week has gone. He provided a breif update on his injured right index finger, the intesnity level of camp compared to previous seasons, and brought up Trey Lyles as a player who can be “like an x-factor” for the Nuggets.

On how this camp was different

My first one when coach got the job it was the hardest one. I remember running a lot. I think he’s learning too, he’s learning us too. Not just players, I think the coaches and medical staff did their job because they keep us healthy. Not just the guys who are on the court, the guys who are getting ready for the…IT, Michael Porter Jr. Jarred (Vanderbilt). We all did a good job.

On what to expect in the upcoming game against the Los Angeles Lakers

A lot of mistakes, a lot of running, fun probably. A lot of people, I mean, (LeBron) James the first time in Lakers.

On his injured finger

It’s getting better. it’s still not 100% but it’s getting better. A little sore.

On Monte Morris & Trey Lyles

I think he’s playing really good. He’s working really hard. I know he stayed in Denver for the summer, working with (Denver’s development coaches) J.B. and Steven and Oggi so I think he did a really good job this summer and he just continue to play the same way he is working out.

And not just him, I think Trey (Lyles) is playing really good. He’s going to be…like an x-factor for our team. The guys coming off of the bench have a lot of talent with…he knows how to play the game the right way. Unselfish guy. He’s kind of…he wants to be better. He wants to win. I think he’s going to be very good with Monte too.

On Monte Morris (cont.)

I remember him from last year, he was kind of, not bad but he didn’t see the…he was going too fast. He was making mistakes but right now the game has maybe slowed down for him. He’s making shots, he’s controlling his team. He’s getting better.

On Thomas Welsh

I think he’s great. He’s doing what coach wants him to do. I think that’s a good way to start your career. You can have the coach’s trust. I think he has a really nice touch around the rim. He just needs to get free, relax a little bit.