Laura Cristaldi is a friend of the Denver Stiffs and the world’s biggest Danilo Gallinari fan. She’s also a writer for Somosbasket and recently reported on an interesting quote from Nikola Jokic when asked about his rooting interest in the NBA finals.

"I hope the Cavaliers win," – said Jokic.

"Because Kevin Durant has gone to a team that was already very strong. But we know they play very well, so I think we will be having spectacular matches ."

It’s a fairly innocuous comment but possibly provides a glimpse into Jokic’s mind frame about loyalty and his future with the Denver Nuggets. We’re still several years away from when Jokic could realistically leave Denver but, taking this quote to it’s logical conclusion, it sounds like Jokic would be content to remain in Denver provided the team is competitive.

In that same piece, Jokic talks about this past season with the Nuggets and said “the popularity of the Denver Nuggets is on the rise.”

In honor of these quotes, let’s all relive the Nuggets record breaking night against the Warriors which included a Jokic triple-double.

*The quotes in this article were translated using Google Translate.