Nikola Jokic continues his transformation into the face and future of the Denver Nuggets, and as he does so more media obligations are a must. Luckily Jokic has gotten much more comfortable with English in his 2+ years in the United States, and can now do more interviews, like this one that he did on Hastings and Browman today on Altitude Sports 950.

In it he talks about how the absence of Paul Millsap will affect the team, and how much he enjoyed having coach Michael Malone come out to Serbia and enjoy his hometown rather than just talk basketball. His statements about the team bonds with so many players around the same age is interesting as well.

He also refuses to bring any food or drink to Scott Hastings, so he’s already figuring out that his spot in the pecking order does not include scutwork. Jokic is responsible for too much of Denver’s output already, Scott – you’ll have to get your own coffee.

Take a listen!