After enjoying an excellent rookie season in the NBA, Nikola Jokic decided to join his national team in Serbia this summer in order to gain more experience and play on a major stage.

During his most recent game against Francs, a French team featuring Nando de Colo, and Alexis Ajinca, Jokic was in an altercation involving both players. He got tangled up with de Colo, a potential future teammate, and was almost immediately pushed in the back by Ajinca. After getting up from the floor, he rushed over to Ajinca looking to retaliate and was ejected for his actions.

There's no telling if this event will have any ramifications on his play in the NBA, but from my perspective, it's nice to see Jokic showing some emotion and disgust at being thrown around. One of the most important aspects of becoming a star player is acting like one. If Jokic is going to no longer take this from other players, then it shows a true sense of him understanding what he can do on the basketball court, at least to me.

Hopefully, no further action is taken by officials to restrict anymore playing time for the young Serbian. He needs all of the experience he can get, and according to one of our European commenters, he's playing some power forward. Long live #Jurkic.

Also, there's this gem.