In this episode, I am joined by James Holas, better known as Snottie Drippen on Twitter. James writes for BBallbreakdown and hosts the BOD pod (along with myself, Dave DuFour, Dan Marang, and Chris Axmann. This hour-long podcast covers a wide variety of NBA topics. The first half hour isn’t directly about the Denver Nuggets but I think many of the things we bring up apply to the Nuggets as well including the nature of rooting for a team before they are contending for a championship.

In the second half of the show, we turn our attention toward the Nuggets as James shares his ranking of the Nuggets roster and talks about why he is annoyed of Nikola Jokic fans. I really enjoyed this show and I think die-hard NBA fans will too.

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2:00 – Blocking and being blocked on Twitter
6:00 – Title or bust mentality and the joy of teams like grit-n-Grind
8:30 – The Celtics with Kyrie
17:45 – Worst team twitter hives
23:30 – NBA fanhood and how it's different than other leagues
27:30 – The start of Nuggets talk
30:00 – How good will the Nuggets be?
34:00 – Player rankings, Gary Harris or….
38:30 – Jamal Murray or….
41:00 – Jokic and annoying Jokic stans
46:15 – Paul Millsap over everybody48:00 Wilson Chandler or…