In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I recap the Denver Nuggets’ win over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night. In that game, Danilo Gallinari and Nikola Jokic had a nice two-man game going on, building off of a recent trend of those two working well together that began in earnest against the Milwaukee Bucks a few weeks ago. Since then, the two best players on the roster seem to have figured out how to play off of each other.

I looked into the stats and the duo have a +10 Net Rating on the season when they are on the court together. They have a +12 Net Rating since December 15th. I talk about some of the reasons why the two make such a difficult matchup for opposing teams and how the team is at their best when the two work together. Who knows if Gallo will be in Denver next season, but with the Nuggets locked up in an incredibly tight playoff race, it’s nice to see these two playing off of each other as well as they have all year.