Here is a video I recorded at the Nuggets workout of Nick Johnson, former University of Arizona standout guard on June 13. This is the first of what will be many cool items Colorado Sports Guys, in conjunction with Denver Stiffs, will be giving you on the New CSG YouTube page.

Johnson was the clear standout from the public part of the workout today, which also featured Brandon Jefferson from Denver’s own Metro State College and Jerrelle Benimon from Towson. Isaiah Sykes from didn’t work out publicly because of an injured hamstring.

Interesting cross section of players. Nate Timmons will have a more in-depth breakdown of Nick Johnson later, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the video. We are venturing in to new territory, and please forgive my editing. I will get better as we roll along this thing. To get immediately notified when CSG uploads more exclusive content, subscribe to the channel on youtube by watching the video in YouTube (and hitting the subscribe button) OR by following the link below and hitting the subscribe button.

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