The way Chris Andersen left the Denver Nuggets left a lot of people wondering what the heck happened with the popular power forward. We got a somewhat vague clearing up of what happened to Andersen, after some local outlets rushed to judgment, and the woman who was attempting to blackmail him, but now Newsweek’s Flinder Boyd gives us even greater detail as to what actually occurred with the Birdman.

Here is just a snippet of the tremendously detailed story:

On the morning of May 10, 2012, Andersen got in his custom-made Jeep truck and drove north, up I-25, the picturesque road that slices through Colorado like a straightedge razor. While most of his Denver Nuggets teammates lived downtown, near the arena, Andersen preferred the natural beauty and solitude of Larkspur, a tiny hamlet of 250. The 45-minute drive to the Pepsi Center would allow him to clear his mind and focus on that evening’s playoff game against the Lakers.

When police sirens began blaring behind him, Andersen checked his speedometer, then pulled over and rolled down his window. The sheriffs, however, had no interest in squabbling over a speeding ticket; instead, they told him a convoy from the Douglas County sheriff’s office, including the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC), was headed down from Denver to execute a search warrant on his home. Andersen was dumbstruck. “For what?” he asked repeatedly.

There are some very bizarre twists and turns and this story shows us how we should definitely wait until things play out to rush to judge. Best of luck to the Birdman, who is in the NBA Finals … again.