The tougher side of that conversation revolves around who.

Though many are starting to wonder if the organization's resolution may be one of change in the near future, I have only my own sense of impending doom upon which to hang my hat when making such proclamations… therefore, I won't. Here are a few wished-for resolutions for the current Denver Nuggets, and these in semi-alphabetical order to start the year out tidily.

Arron Afflalo: Find the defensive player of a couple years back. Defense is the quickest route to a return to respectability for this team. And if you stumble across a consistent shot while you’re searching, bring that along as well.

Darrell Arthur: First, focus on the defensive player you are at your best. On offense, find your way back down to the paint more often. You’re more dangerous when you open up all the looks, not just the three.

Wilson Chandler: Stay healthy. Resolve to finish the year like you started the first third of the season.

Kenneth Faried: As much of the Manimal as you can bring to bear. In perpetuity.

Randy Foye: Get well, first. Try to keep your voice in the mix, it seemed to come in handy when we were in trouble last season.

Danilo Gallinari: See above – get well, first. Hope to see the Gallo who looked to be re-emerging.

Alonzo Gee: Keep working hard in practice, please. You’ve been a rare need, but always a very important one.

Erick Green: See above – If the landscape changes quickly, you’ll want to be sharp to step on the court when called.

Gary Harris: Curiosity. Absorb everything you can from the vast collection of talent currently around you, including what NOT to do. Some very good habits to be learned from parts and pieces of what’s collected.

J.J. Hickson: Collaboration. Most of your best games seem to come in the rhythm of the guys around you. Look out for them, and your best games are still ahead of you.

Ty Lawson: A toughie, especially with the amazing year Ty is having. But resolve to lead, Ty. You can still be the guy everyone likes, but lead that team onto the floor and into the battle. Make your successes boldly, make your mistakes boldly. Stop shrinking.

JaVale McGee: Again, get healthy first, JaVale. It’s been to long to know.

Timofey Mozgov: Another step. You’re in line to have a career year, and can make that a career-arc defining move with one more big step this year.

Jusuf Nurkic: Keep pushing. For your limited experience, you’re showing impressive stuff. Try to push Mozzie for that starter’s gig next season. Call it a stretch goal.

Nate Robinson: A throttle. Even the fastest speedsters have them. Find that edge that keeps you in the game and on the floor. You’re the team’s elder statesman. Act like it.

Brian Shaw: How nice, it did stay in alphabetical order… for another moment, anyway… I hope your resolution is a resolution. Everyone seems confused as to what the plan is. It would be more heartening to watch a plan fail than to think there isn’t one.

Tim Connelly: Charm. I'm thinking it's going to come in handy soon.

Josh Kroenke: Luck, I suppose. I hope you don't have to change course so soon after a sea change, but the crickets from the arena must be echoing all the way upstairs by now.

The Denver Stiffs writing/editorial staff: More of the same. Best staff of its kind, I'm lucky to be a part. Keep pushing at this, you're an impressive crew.

Me: At least for my part here, I'll try to be better at this every time I write something. And will try to keep the fluff down to a dull roar. Try.

Here's hoping a few of these resolutions are in line with some of the Nuggets own, Nuggets Nation! How about for you? What do you hope the Nuggets resolve to do, individually or collectively, and what are your resolutions for the New Year, if any?

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