We are probably overdue in adding some fresh faces around here. As our website has grown from Andrew Feinstein and I teaming up to form Denver Stiffs, to adding the ever popular Jeff Morton and then Colin Neilson – we grow again today. Our hope is that with the help we'll have in writing previews and recaps we can give you even more coverage of the team we all love to follow.

We do have our man Sensemaking helping us out with some tremendous video breakdowns and now we'd also like to welcome Danny Neubert, Mike Olson, Loren Knaster, and Quinn Glasnapp. The four of them will be handling some previews and recaps for us, the usual suspects in Andy, Jeff, Colin and I will still be writing some too. Without further ado, here is a little more information on your newest writers:

Danny Neubert

I love the Nuggets. In a town that bleeds blue and orange, that statement can be a bit blasphemous. Don’t get me wrong; the Broncos are awesome. But I’ve always liked the Nuggets more. I was seven years-old when they upset the Seattle Supersonics in 1994, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I watched every second of every game during the miserable 17-win season in 2002-2003. Some would consider that masochism; I say it’s all part of being a fan. The Nuggets have obviously improved since that disaster of a year, making the playoffs in nine consecutive seasons. Would I have liked to see more success in the playoffs, especially last season? Most certainly! But for a guy like me, who remembers the extremely lean years before this little stretch of prosperity, the thought of first-round exits is infinitely more appealing than sucking and hoping we can draft another superstar. Here’s hoping this season’s Nuggets can figure it out and keep that playoff streak alive!

Anyway, here’s a little more non-Nuggets info about myself … I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. I went to high school at Dakota Ridge and graduated from CU with an extremely valuable journalism degree. When I’m not watching Nuggets games, I like to get outside, usually by golfing, snowboarding, or mountain biking. Of course, I can get my couch potato on with Xbox and good TV shows. I also thoroughly enjoy live music. In fact, I do concert reviews from time to time for gratefulweb.com. Alright, now that all of that is out of the way, I’d like to say I’m a huge fan of Denver Stiffs and I look forward to contributing throughout the season. GO NUGGETS!

Mike Olson

I am a native Coloradoan, now have lived in L.A. for the past five years. I have a lot of writing experience in the music and restaurant arenas, and have been a Nuggets fan since I was a kid, so this lets me finally blend the two. My wife and I started dating during the Nuggets 14-win season (1998-99), and all six games we attended, the Nuggets won … so I decided that was statistically anomalous enough to marry her, and we still don't miss a game.

Loren Knaster

A 4th generation Denver native, I grew up in the bowels of McNichols Arena. My uncle was the statistician for the Nuggets TV broadcast, granting him a first hand look into many Stiffs of Nuggets past. I shared the campus at Syracuse with Carmelo Anthony, but I lasted three more years to receive a degree in broadcast journalism. After spending time on TV in multiple Great Lakes cities, I live in Denver once again and am waiting for my favorite basketball team to fulfill their pre-Pepsi Center dreams of winning a title. My ideal starting five is Robert Pack, Dale and LaPhonso Ellis, ‘Melo and Loren Meyer.

Quinn Glasnapp

I am elated to join the Stiffs team. Long time fan, first time writer. Many of you may be questioning “what in the name of Doug Moe is some Iowan doing writing about my team?” Whoa, whoa, whoa. Des Moines is home to the Iowa Energy, D-League affiliate of our Denver Nuggets. You now have a foreign correspondent keeping an eye on the hatchlings. But the real reason I am here is because I love this team. I have ever since a fateful Saturday afternoon as a seven year old boy in May of 1994. It began normally with a heaping bowl of sugar cereal and an entire morning spent watching cartoons, but in the afternoon I stumbled upon a basketball game: Game 5 between the underdog Nuggets and the Seattle Supersonics. I cheered on the history making Nuggets and have forever since been faithfully committed. Thank you, in advance, for your support and thanks to Denver Stiffs for allowing me the opportunity to contribute at this level. Go Nuggets!


We’d like to thank everyone that reached out and wanted to lend a hand on Stiffs. There was an overwhelming response and it was amazing to see how many folks were eager to write for us. As Andy can probably attest to, we’ve come a long way from when we were each just covering every single game on our own for our respective Nuggets blogs.

Thanks again everyone!