Malik Beasley has quickly become a fan favorite among Denver Nuggets die-hards. Already the most explosive jumper and open court dunker on the team, Beasley has forced his way into the team’s regular rotation and into the conversation for players Nuggets fans hope will remain in Denver for a long, long time.

Beasley calls himself “The Mutant,” thanks to his freakish athleticism and ability to recover quickly from injuries. “He’s got Wolverine powers,” Malik’s father, Michael Beasley, once told the Denver Post.

We’re starting to think that Malik is just now realizing the extent of those powers.

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He’s putting up career numbers in every single statistical category. Over the course of just 3 months, he’s gone from a nice luxury for Denver’s depth chart to one of their most important young players, someone capable of being the MVP on any given night.

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