As we announced earlier this week, the Denver Stiffs are partnering with HopeKids Colorado to send children who are battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses to watch the Denver Nuggets live at Pepsi Center. Every day thousands of Denver Nuggets fans visit our page to catch up on the latest Nuggets news and analysis and we want to use our platform to help our community. By partnering with HopeKids, we want to create an event that will be memorable for families in the HopeKids Colorado program while also bringing families together who are fighting similar battles with cancer. You can read more about our event and about HopeKids Colorado right here.

Just like last year, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with to create a pair of unique Denver Stiffs socks with proceeds going toward HopeKids Colorado. The socks are available through THIS LINK and for every pair you buy, HoopsSwagg will donate one ticket for our event.


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You can also still purchase last year’s “Rainbow Skyline” design with the same deal for HopeKids, using THIS LINK.

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These socks are incredibly comfortable, warm, and have this neat little mark on them that remind you which sock goes on the left and which one goes on the right, a mostly useless feature that I nonetheless get a kick out of. Best of all, every time you wear them you can be reminded of how sports, at their best, can be one of the best things about life.

One of the reasons that I love running this site is because of the community that we have built. At times, it feels like a very niche community of mostly die-hard Denver Nuggets fans with casual NBA fans sprinkled in here or there. But since we are in position to speak directly to tens of thousands of Nuggets fans every day, we are allowed the opportunity (and responsibility) to use this platform to do what sports are meant to do; bring people together.

These socks are really cool. But even cooler is the chance to make a difference in our community and in the lives of families who are going through hell. That’s what building a community is all about.

So pull out your wallet and buy a pair. If you have an especially fat wallet, buy a pair for everyone in the family, even your wacky aunt Emma who used to always buy you socks for Christmas when you were a kid. And wear them with pride knowing that you’ve contributed to your city, your team, and your community in a meaningful way. And who knows? With a little luck, these socks might just turn into lucky socks that you can wear to the first playoff game at Pepsi Center since 2013.