So Emmanuel Mudiay won’t be playing this evening in the Denver Nuggets only preseason game against the Phoenix Suns. That does suck for fans who have been chomping at the bit to see Mudiay in person. However, it IS only a preseason game. It happens all the time and Danilo Gallinari, Darrell Arthur and Randy Foye also won’t be playing. This goes to the Nuggets new habit of resting players so they are a bit fresher.

Although I do understand why it suck for those people who paid for tickets to see the rookie.

In today’s CSG Video Wilson Chandler, Mudiay and coach Michael Malone speak with us about the state of the team. There is an air of quiet positivity surrounding the Nuggets at the moment, and you can tell it immediately when you walk through the door. Night and day from the dark days of last season … even as the preseason rolled along.

Enjoy the video! And be sure to Check out the CSG podcast from this week right here.