One of the more curious signings the Denver Nuggets have made in the last couple seasons has been that of 15 year veteran Mike Miller. The old (and frankly tired) mantra of “What are the Nuggets doing?” swirled around the NBA blogger echo chamber as people decried the Nuggets even thinking about signing a veteran with little left in the tank.

I wasn’t among those, because Miller is a renown “locker room” guy. Someone who has a very good ability to bring a team together. Imagine a veteran presence on this Nuggets team as things were falling apart at the end of the Brian Shaw era in Denver? While Shaw may not have survived (he and his coaching staff had too many issues) but things wouldn’t have been quite as bad.

You need guys like Miller on any team. It's just good for morale and doesn't clog up your cap sheet.

In today’s CSG Video Miller talks about what his role on this Nuggets team is, as well as head coach Michael Malone offering his thoughts on Miller. Also we see the trio of Miller, Danilo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried taking threes after practice.