The Denver Nuggets played faster and freer in the Toronto Raptors game than they did since the first game of the season. Not only were there crisp passes, but the tempo was FAST. Hadn’t been really that way for the first month of the season.

I asked head coach Michael Malone about that today. Whether it is offense first or defense first. I will be the first to say that I’m not a big fan of single concept coaching, but Thursday night’s game against the Raptors represents the first time where everything worked at once. Where the Nuggets, despite giving up their big lead, had control of the game because BOTH aspects of their offense were working at the same time.

Some notes from practice. Malone talked about Gary Harris‘ progress. He will be a game time decision tomorrow to see if he can play against the Orlando Magic. Additionally Danilo Gallinari is listed as questionable tomorrow with his bone bruise. He will likely also be a game time decision although Gallo has said he will play through the pain!

Hope you enjoy the video!