I’ll say this: Jusuf Nurkic “looks” much better than I when I saw him doing the hop scotch at practice a month ago.

What that means for his recovery/readiness is beyond me. Nurkic looks nimble but where that leaves his recovery and rehab time is up in the air. As Coach Michael Malone said in today’s CSG Video, having Nurkic around and participating with the team in practices is a huge boost for both Nurkic and the Nuggets players.

The thought has occurred to me in the last several days, particularly since the Phoenix Suns game on Friday, that the Nuggets sorely miss his toughness. The team almost treats Juka like he is their bodyguard, and I think they fed off of his attitude last season (as we all know he is prone to have a bit of attitude on the court … which is fine in my book) The hope is that whenever Nurkic returns the Nuggets can slowly work him in and benefit from his rim protection.

Additionally Coach Michael Malone talks about defending the three point line and what the Nuggets can do about it. Hope you enjoy.