Coming off the loss to the Utah Jazz, you'd expect the Denver Nuggets to have a downbeat practice with a bunch of sour faces as they left the court. To my surprise the Nuggets were upbeat and confident. This is certainly a change from earlier in the season when the Nuggets seemed perpetually frustrated and negative.

On a positive note, even though we didn't see him in the media portion of practice … Nuggets center Jusuf Nurkic was able to participate in limited minute contact practice today. A significant progression from where he was at even a month ago. This should be encouraging for everyone. Malone talked about Juka's minutes and what he needs to prove to the training staff before he can get back on court.

Harrison Wind followed up with a question about Nurkic and Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins and how he was used to funnel the defense toward him when Malone was there. Will Nurkic be used similarly?

Hope you enjoy the video!