Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone is a very interesting and thoughtful person after practice. While most post-practice interviews, in my experience, can be perfunctory and samey during the grind of the season … there are some that are very enlightening and give you a glimpse into the state of the team.

In today’s (long) CSG Video … Malone talked about Jusuf Nurkic (his injury … which appears to be not serious) and his impact on the game against the Golden State Warriors. He also spoke about being entertained as a coach by watching the spectacular play of Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

Additionally he gives his thoughts on Will Barton and Gary Harris, particularly from last night and their experiences guarding Curry and his thought process on switching Curry onto multiple defenders. Finally he talked glowingly about Danilo Gallinari and his elite-level ability to get to the free throw line since coming back from his ankle injury.

This is a one-off, long CSG video so enjoy the listen. It's fascinating stuff.