Michael Malone is a concise and DIRECT individual. He doesn’t tend to “waffle” on like previous head coach Brian Shaw used to. No lapsing into subjects that have nothing to do with the question asked. He is direct and to the point.

Which is great.

After today’s practice, Malone spoke about the Denver Nuggets first two preseason games, and what went right, and what went wrong for them. Particularly with rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay. Turnovers seemed to be the bugaboo for the rookie point guard and will probably continue to plague him until he gets used to the speed of the NBA.

After we see Malone talk, we get to watch Kenneth Faried shoot threes. I have no idea what to think of this. He hit his fair share during our time watching practice … but I’m still not sure you’d want Faried shooting those kinds of shots during a game. It makes me wonder if this is something he feels like he NEEDS to do right now for more reasons than just expanding his game? We shall see.

Also Nikola Jokic worked out a bit.

Hope you enjoy the video!