One thing is very clear from the above video that I took at media day of Denver Nuggets center Jusuf Nurkic, he has worked equally as hard on his English as he has the rehab of his torn patella. Night and Day from the excited, nervous voice I heard at the other end of a static-filled phone after he was drafted in June of 2014.

One encouraging note is Nurkic revealed that he spent the entire summer in Denver, rehabbing with Nuggets trainer Steve Hess (git bedda! … why Hess has never had t-shirts printed with that catch phrase is perplexing to me). I hope that helps Nurkic recover at a “healthy” pace. Additionally Nurkic spoke about new Nuggets point guard Emmanuel Mudiay, and what he thinks of the city of Denver after one year.

All in all it was just good to see Nurkic so comfortable being interviewed. He's certainly come a long way in that respect.