It’s ok to show appreciation for Kobe Bryant on his farewell NBA tour (taking into consideration being accused of rape in Eagle 11 years ago) if you are the home team fans and you want to honor a legacy. This has been done countless times, hell, even in Denver we showed appreciation for Allen Iverson and his brief stint as a member of the Nuggets. It’s a time honored tradition.

Letting fans of an opposing team take over your arena to the tune of 75% to 25% is embarrassing … listening to those fans boo Nikola Jokic while he is at the free throw line late in the Denver Nuggets loss to the Los Angeles Lakers is flat out shameful. This isn’t something isolated to the Nuggets … as the hockey team the Colorado Avalanche routinely suffer from Chicago Blackhawks fans take over Pepsi Center. The Colorado Rockies have to endure St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs fans take over Coors Field. Hell even the Broncos have moments where theres far too many Pittsburgh Steelers fans in attendance.

Some of it is a Denver thing. Crowds in Denver have been tepid and lackluster for years, and this is nothing new. Allowing fans of an opposing team, even worse fans of ONE PLAYER take over your arena is just … don't know. Theres no words for it. Watch the above video and think to yourself "I wonder what Nuggets players think of this".

If you want affordable tickets, check out this GREAT initiative started by an organization called Denver Sidekicks. Zach Mikash did a story on them a couple weeks out. If you want affordable tickets for the January 10th game at Pepsi Center then follow the link below.