In the Latest CSG Video, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone talks about Nick Johnson and his play during last night’s game against the Golden State Warriors. He also speaks to us about lineups and the stellar play of Kenneth Faried while starting at center.

A few notes:

  • Malone was very happy with Kenneth Faried’s play last night, not just hi stat sheet, but what he contributed on defense and through hustle.

We watched film as a team this morning and Kenneth did so many things that didn't show up in the stat sheet. Covering up for mistakes that we made.

Kenneth through his multiple effort mentality was able to cover guys and protect the rim.

  • Malone has made several allusions to the fact that he is using the preseason to try out a bunch of different lineups. It almost sounds like he throws lineups together without a concern for if the lineup will be competitive but rather to see what things he can take away from different combinations.
  • Throughout the last three weeks, Malone has also referenced advanced stats quite a bit. He mentioned being 6th in pace this preseason, being weirdly specific about the details. He always says “I think we’re ranked x in this category,” when really he knows their ranking very well. Always right on the money! He also says that their defense have allowed the team to play fast.
  • Malone was impressed with how Emmanuel Mudiay used his body against Steph Curry. He said that he is very advanced in terms of using his size to his advantage.
  • It doesn’t sound like Malone will play the Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Faried small ball combo too often. It was more about “taking in information.”
  • Erick Green left practice to use the restroom and when he returned, he was locked out. The team had some fun with it and wouldn’t let him back in. Still hazing the young fella!
  • Malone said (without saying) that he purposefully fouled Andrew Bogut with 33 seconds left in the 2nd quarter last night because he wanted to create a mini 2 for 1 situation and more importantly, he didn’t want the Warriors to grab momentum going into the half by hitting a 3.
  • He said that Mudiay has been doing a great job of “driving downhill” toward the paint but keeping his dribble alive in case nothing opens up.
  • Mike Miller is the best shooter on the planet. That guy just flat out doesn’t miss very often in shooting practice.