The Denver Nuggets locker room after their victory over the Chicago Bulls on Friday night was a jubilant place.

Head coach Michael Malone was visibly happy, joking with the press during his post game comments. Danilo Gallinari cracked a smile when I asked him about the “english” he put on his shot that put the Nuggets ahead at the game. Will Barton was smiling and joking with us in the locker room (and very excited that Future was dropping an album).

In today's CSG video you get a small feel about the journey from Malone's thoughts at shoot around, pregame, postgame and a bit of Gallo from the locker room. A bit of a snapshot from what goes on from the media perspective from the morning until the night ends. Truly an all-day event every time the Denver Nuggets play at home. Hope everyone enjoys watching. Can't stress enough how the mood in the locker room was night and day from any locker room experience last season.