In case any of you have forgot … we have an NCAA Tournament Challenge on our hands! Tonight’s match-up of Kentucky vs. Connecticut is one that not many predicted, but we have one person in the Stiffs challenge who has Kentucky winning the whole shabang-a-bang! That’s pretty darn good.

I have to say that I've been very impressed with Kentucky and they have been a ton of fun to watch. Dominating rebounding performances, clutch free throws, the emergence of Julius Randle on a big stage, and of course Aaron Harrison's big shots.

How sweet would it be to see this Kentucky team play for the next three seasons? Obviously, it won't happen, but just imagining them staying together is pretty interesting to think about. Aaron Harrison will likely enter the draft and could never be heard from again … or he could return to school and be a legend at Kentucky for a little while longer. The endless debate!

And on the flip side, the Huskies have been playing tremendous basketball and really took it to a Florida team that had been playing dominant ball. I've been impressed with Shabazz Napier and his scoring ability. Good to see out of the Senior guard.

Here are the folks in the running for the prizes for the Stiffs Tournament Challenge:

1.) Whimsical Wes, FeveredD: 1,090 points. He picked Kentucky to win it all and has them playing against Connecticut! This is amazing!

2.) gobrienalone 1, gobrienalone: 880 points.

3.) Bracketlicious, TitanYork: 820 points.

How many points do I have? 580 total points. Once again proving that I suck at picking how the tournament will unfold!

Who do you have winning tonight? Who do you want to win? Any and all thoughts on the NCAA tourney, players, potential draft picks and more … talk here!