The Denver Nuggets are set to have the most interesting trade deadline in years, and Wilson Chandler is the next player to hit the rumor mill.

According to Michael Scotto of The Athletic, the Nuggets and Utah Jazz have discussed a deal centered around a Wilson Chandler and Joe Johnson swap.

From the Nuggets perspective, the deal makes a degree of sense. Joe Johnson is an expiring contract and can fill in some minutes at small forward and power forward this year. Chandler has struggled this season offensively, and while Johnson hasn’t been stellar either, he understands how to complement those around him well.

Quickly, though, Matt Moore of The Action Network shot down the rumor.

It’s not surprising that Denver didn’t fall through on this deal though. Chandler, when engaged, brings a degree of defense that none of the Nuggets possess. His ability to match up with bigger wing scorers is very important. Playing in the same conference as Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Jimmy Butler, Denver would be at a disadvantage without Chandler’s defensive talents.

Still, it’s very interesting to see both teams engage on such a deal, and I doubt conversations are completely done from either side.

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