Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio released a trade rumors piece yesterday with a little tidbit on the Nuggets.

Denver is fairly content with its current lineup, as the Nuggets have been one of the hottest teams as of late. But the possibility exists they could make a smaller move at the deadline by dangling rotation players such as Wilson Chandler, Corey Brewer and Anthony Randolph.

The Nuggets supposedly wouldn’t mind adding Orlando guard J.J. Redick, whose contract expires at season’s end. But sources say conversations involving Redick have all but disappeared after he indicated he wants to stay with the Magic.

If the Magic did decide to trade Redick, they would be doing it at the right time for the 28 year-old guard because he is having a career year. Redick's scoring is up from his career numbers of 9.2 points per game to 15.3 ppg, his assists are up from 1.9 per game to 4.4, and his three point makes and attempts are up from 1.4-3.5 to 2.4-6.0 and he's still hitting at a 40% rate.

One reason why the Magic might be willing to deal Redick? He’s a little redundant to what the Magic already have in Arron Afflalo and they both play the same position at shooting guard. Orlando is obviously rebuilding, so having redundant parts is not something you would think they would want or would have the luxury to have.

As we’ve heard previously from Evan Dunlap, from Orlando Pinstriped Post (killer Q&A), the Magic have the greatest need at the point guard spot and the Nuggets don’t have a young point guard to deal (no Evan Fournier is not a point guard). What if the Nuggets got, say, the Milwaukee Bucks involved in a deal?


In the above deal, the Bucks get Jameer Nelson and Wilson Chandler, the Magic get Brandon Jennings and Timofey Mozgov, and the Nuggets get Redick and Sam Dalembert’s expiring contract and veteran experience. The Bucks seem to be in a rough place with Jennings, but I don’t know if they’ll move the disgruntled player or if they’d get enough value in the deal above.

With trade rumor season really heating up, your guess is as good as mine …

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