The NBA has announced that at the end of the seeding games, they will announce an All-Seeding Games Team and a Player of the Seeding Games.

The announcement helps to plant a seed for future in-season tournaments with additional awards, a proposition that was under consideration by the league prior to the impact of the novel coronavirus in March that disrupted the regular season.

The voting will be conducted by media members that have been quarantined at DisneyWorld with the other league personnel. The All-Seeding Games team will have a first team and a second team, with no positions to fill.

There are plenty of good candidates for the Player of the Seeding Games award – T.J. Warren, Devin Booker, and Luka Doncic have to be among the top names for any voter. It will be an exciting moment for the winner, and an exciting element of a restart that has been more successful than many were expecting.

The question for Nuggets fans — will MPJ make the first team or the second team?