The NBA Summer League kicks off today in Las Vegas and after looking over the rosters there are a large number of interesting names on the various rosters. I have broken them down into three groups, big names to keep an eye on, small names to keep an eye on and guys who should be dominating the Norwegian B league or selling insurance by now.

Big Names To Keep An Eye On

D.J. Augustin (Texas) – Charlotte Bobcats

J.J. Hickson (North Carolina State) – Cleveland Cavaliers

Chris Lofton (Tennessee) – Denver Nuggets

Rodney Stucky (Eastern Washington) – Detroit Pistons

Marco Belinelli (Italy) – Golden State Warriors

Anthony Randolph (LSU) – Golden State Warriors

Brandan Wright (North Carolina) – Golden State Warriors

Donte Greene (Syracuse) – Houston Rockets

Eric Gordon (Indiana) – Los Angeles Clippers

Al Thornton (Florida State) – Los Angeles Clippers

Darrell Arthur (Kansas) – Memphis Grizzlies

Mike Conley (Ohio State) – Memphis Grizzlies

Javaris Crittenton (Georgia Tech) – Memphis Grizzlies

O.J. Mayo (USC) – Memphis Grizzlies

Joe Alexander (West Virginia) – Milwaukee Bucks

Darius Washington (Memphis) – Milwaukee Bucks

Corey Brewer (Florida) – Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Love (UCLA) – Minnesota Timberwolves

Julian Wright (Kansas) – New Orleans Hornets

Danilo Gallinari (Italy) – New York Knicks

Marreese Speights (Florida) – Philadelphia 76ers

Thaddeus Young (Georgia Tech) – Philadelphia 76ers

Nicolas Batum (France) – Portland Trailblazers

Spencer Hawes (Washington) – Sacramento Kings

Jason Thompson (Rider) – Sacramento Kings

Andray Blatche (Prep School) – Washington Wizards

JaVale McGee (Nevada) – Washington Wizards

Small Names To Keep An Eye On

Marcus Slaughter ( San Diego State) – Dallas Mavericks

Elton Brown (Virginia) – Denver Nuggets

Keith Langford (Kansas) – Denver Nuggets

Richard Hendrix (Alabama) – Golden State Warriors

DaShaun Wood (Wright State) – Los Angeles Clippers

Yi Li (China) – Los Angeles Lakers

Vincent Grier (Minnesota) – Minnesota Timberwolves

Petri Koponen (Finland) – Portland Trailblazers

Rod Benson (California) – Toronto Raptors

Guys Who Should Be Dominating The Norwegian B League Or Selling Insurance By Now

Donnell Harvey (Florida) – Charlotte Bobcats

Wayne Simien (Kansas) – Cleveland Cavaliers

Robert “Tractor” Traylor (Michigan) – Cleveland Cavaliers

Richie Frahm (Gonzaga) – Dallas Mavericks

Yaroslav Korolev (Russia) – Dallas Mavericks

Koko Archibong (Penn) – Los Angeles Clippers

Sharrod Ford (Clemson) – Los Angeles Lakers

P.J. Tucker (Texas) – Memphis Grizzlies

Awvee Storey (Arizona State) – Milwaukee Bucks

John Thomas (Minnesota) – Milwaukee Bucks

Ndudi Ebi (High School) – New Orleans Hornets

Adam Haluska (Iowa) – New Orleans Hornets

Frank Williams (Illinois) – New Orleans Hornets

Junior Harrington (Wingate) – Philadelphia 76ers

Taquan Dean (Louisville) – Phoenix Suns

Ivan McFarlin (Oklahoma State) – Phoenix Suns

Matt Walsh (Florida) – Sacramento Kings

Daniel Ewing (Duke) – Toronto Raptors

Dontaye Draper (Charleston) – Washington Wizards

The San Antonio Spurs win the award for the most non descript roster. I do not even know most of these guys well enough to make fun of them.

Some teams are just begging for confusion. The Raptors have a Bosh on the team, but it is not Chris it is Joel. Portland has Brandon Robinson from Auburn and Bernard Robinson from Michigan on their roster. Memphis tops that though with their duo of Aaron Pettway from Okie State and Brent Petway from Michigan. I hope they pronounce the second ‘t’ in Aaron’s name so they can tell them apart.

Several of the SB Nation NBA bloggers will be in attendance so look for some great coverage of these exhilarating games.