It's the NBA Slam Dunk contest. A time honored tradition that was started here in Denver in the ABA in 1976, and again in the NBA in 1984. So …you know this is how we do?

Or do we? Outside of David Thompson and Robert Pack the Nuggets showings in the Dunk Contest have been less than amazing. Who can forget (then former Nuggets player, then with the New Orleans Hornets) Chris Andersen taking seemingly 25 attempts to finish a dunk in 2005. A lackluster J.R. Smith/Sonny Weems combination later on in 2009. Darvin Ham was ROBBED tho in 1997. ROBBED.

And who can forget Chris Jackson (aka Mahmoud Abdul Rauf) in the 1993 slam dunk contest. Surprised everyone and was …. ok … considerin

Tonight Will Barton tries to break the Nuggets streak of less than impressive dunk contest entrants and bring the slam dunk trophy home to Denver.