It’s been hard for me to conceal my disappointment for this first round of the NBA playoffs so far. Particularly since last year’s first round was so spectacular. Too many injured teams, too many poor teams that really don’t have any business in being in the playoffs. This is why I hope that the second round will be better with, quite frankly better teams playing against each other and better match ups

Here is today's slate

Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics – Cavs lead 3-0. I expect the Cavs to close this out this morning. While I appreciate the Celtics desire to get into the playoffs, I’m wondering about the wisdom. They still need a major influx of talent, BUT there seems to be a significant amount of trust in Danny Ainge in Boston. Meanwhile the Cavs have LeBron James so they are alright.

Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio Spurs – Spurs up 2-1. The Clippers had a big opportunity to go up 2-0 over the Spurs in game two that they are very much regretting right now. I don’t think that game three was an accurate indication of how close this series is, and I predict a much better game this afternoon.

Toronto Raptors at Washington Wizards – Wiz up 3-0. This is one of the worst series I’ve seen in recent memory. I think the bloom may be a bit off the rose with our old friend Masai Ujiri. While everyone expects Masai to pull a rabbit out of a hat and make these Raptors relevant again (after this performance) it remains to be seen if that is possible. Meanwhile Paul Pierce y’all. Father time ain’t got to him.

Houston Rockets at Dallas Mavericks – Rockets up 3-0. Ummm … Dirk Nowitzki looks old. Rick Carlisle’s control freak ways are wearing thin. Rajon Rondo has been banished. Chandler Parsons is injured. The Mavs are toast and their future is very much in doubt. In Houston they have James Harden and Dwight Howard playing well at the same time. The second round for the Rockets will be very interesting.

Enjoy the games … if you can!