You have to love this time of year. Playoffs games on every night, don't have to watch no stinkin' baseball (sorry bat and glove fans), and best of all – we don't have to stress over the Nuggets winning and losing. Maybe Denver can go to the lottery every season! Wait … scratch that last part.

The Cavaliers and Celtics are playing as we speak and it's a close one midway through the second quarter on TNT. The Bulls are in Milwaukee to battle the Bucks on NBA TV aka the game most people would rather spoon their eyes out for than watch. And the late game features Jeff Morton's Golden State Warriors and Mike Olson's New Orleans Pelicans. (Note: Jeff and Mike both may dispute said teams being "their" teams.)

Who are you rooting for in the playoffs? Me? I'm going with Timofey Mozgov and the Cavs. Yes, it's boring to pick LeBron, but let's go over these teams:

Cleveland Cavaliers: Mozgov rules. Nice guy, works hard, became an integral part of that team, and he once dawned a Mozgov Militia shirt with me and my boy Rory. Can't see another team getting me to cheer them on, even if I have to cheer for Kevin Love. And I've always liked J.R. Smith …

Boston Celtics: Brad Stevens has that team playing well. Young guys and some youngish veterans. Are they up-and-coming and can they land that star they seem built to put in place? They're first round fodder, but fun to watch.

Golden State Warriors: So fun to watch, but totally lost on me. I can't get behind this team, at all, and I've tried!

New Orleans Pelicans: They should be known as the team that takes the worst shots at the worst possible times, along with the Washington Wizards. Anthony Davis is fun to watch and should take every shot for this team. Seriously, watching Tyreke Evans hoist up long two-pointers is not fun.

Chicago Bulls: Can anyone stand to watch them? I cannot. They are on TV all the damn time and I can't get away from them! Somebody help me! HELP! HELP ME!!!

Milwaukee Bucks: Just too young and trading for Michael-Carter Williams was not a good idea. Sure, they didn't want to pay Brandon Knight, but he gave them the shooting they needed in this series. Greek Freak is also fun to watch and John Henson looks like a cartoon character – also a plus.

Who are you rooting for tonight?