The schedule for the first round playoff matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz has been released. Game 1 will be this coming Monday, August 17, at 11:30 AM (MT) and will be broadcast nationally on ESPN.

Two things stand out with this schedule.

First, those start times for the first three games are absolutely brutal for those of us who have day jobs. Anyone who can work from home is fortunate, but for the rest it might be time to cash in those sick days or to book a conference room for a three hour โ€œmeeting.โ€

Second, with no travel time in between cities it is interesting that a game will be played every other day. This makes for a quicker series but is certainly a bit unique. For example, in last yearโ€™s first round series against San Antonio, there were two days off in between games one and two and in between games four and five. The bonus to no travel though is there is no travel fatigue, so even without an extra day of rest thrown in there the players should still have adequate time in between games.

Stay tuned for more coverage this weekend on Denver Stiffs!

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