So … now is the time for us to look back on the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs with fondness for two very good reasons. First because they were so consistently awesome! Second because this next round has been just … dreadful.

Dread … ful

This is disappointing on many levels, foremost of which is the opportunity the NBA had to capitalize on momentum after the wonderful first round. Now we've had a series of blow outs, non competitive series and just general boredom. It's not what we the fan want, and it's certainly not what the NBA want's. It's unfortunate.

Tonight we have Games 3 in the Indiana Pacers vs Washington Wizards series, as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippers series. Maybe a change of venue will contribute to more exciting games? So far, the only “down to the wire” game … so to speak, was game 2 of the Wiz/Pacers series. Even that wasn’t a barn burner. We need these teams to step their games up and provide us fans some excitement for goodness sake!

Here's hoping.

Meanwhile here's some completely unrelated music for your enjoyment.