This has been yet another crazy weekend in the world of the die-hard NBA fan. Are the die-hard fans even interested anymore? Well, Jeff Morton and I have been exchanging texts and keeping glued to Twitter at various points this weekend in hopes of seeing an end to this lockout madness. Sadly, as meetings broke late last night (Nov. 5th) between owners and players – there is nothing good to report. In fact, the owners have set up this scenario come Wednesday, November 9th: click here.

Exploding snowmen aside, the owners have backed the players into a corner with their: take the 49-51 percent floating Basketball Related Income split, (51 percent in good times, 50 percent in decent times, and 49 percent in struggling revenue times) or feel our wrath with a 47 percent BRI offer come Nov. 9th. 

NBPA president Derrick Fisher says he has no official offer to take back to his union, but the gauntlet has been thrown down by NBA Commissioner David Stern. The Union is claiming that the floating BRI between 49-51 percent would never reach 51-percent. Player frustrations are growing on Twitter … Jared Dudley had this to say this morning in response to a question: click here. And NBA players are turning quickly on NBA owner Michael Jordan: click here.

What will happen next?

  1. The players will either figure out a way to accept an offer by Wednesday or …
  2. The players will begin the process of decerfification of the union. Starting first with a petition and 45 days later an actual vote to decertify or not.

If the players go for option No. 2, you can kiss this season goodbye and possible the 2012-13 season as well. A couple good reads: Chris Sheridan's breakdown on his site and Micheal Lee of The Washington Post.



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