Multiple Tweets from reporters at ESPN and CBS Sports have the Nuggets still in the hunt for free agent Mike Miller. Other teams in the chase include the Cleveland Cavaliers, thanks to Miller's buddy and former teammate LeBron James, the Dallas Mavericks, and Houston Rockets, according to Marc Stein. Stein is also reporting that the Nuggets have the best financial deal on the table for the 34 year-old guard/forward. Stein's colleague Jeff Goodman had Tweeted the Nuggets offer was in the three-year, $12 million range ($4M per), but that has not been confirmed. Miller is expected to make a decision soon, according to reports, but time will tell. Miller's last NBA related Tweet was about the Grizzlies choosing to go in a different direction, with that direction being Vince Carter. Jeff Goodman has Tweeted that Miller is leaning towards Cleveland with Denver still in play. We're keeping our eyes and ears peeled to any Miller and Nuggets news.