Pretty crazy 4th of July in the NBA world. We had LaMarcus Aldridge make his decision today, with most of the basketball world hanging out at pools and barbeques in celebration of the United States' independance.

Some news from around the league: Aldridge joins the Spurs. Bismack Biyambo signed with the Toronto Raptors. JaVale McGee has been rumored to get a phone call with Doc Rivers and the Clippers. And the Lakers are acquiring Roy Hibbert from the Pacers in a salary dump trade by Indiana.

The McGee rumors are interesting. He had only been on the radar to the Kings, which made zero sense. McGee and Kings coach George Karl had a rocky relationship in Denver – and with the Kings drafting Willie-Cauley Stein, McGee's window there closed. McGee to the Clips is interesting because he can do some of what DeAndre Jordan did, and would be a nice pick-and-roll player with Chris Paul – but it's McGee. The headaches he'll cause in L.A., if he signs there, won't be worth it for the team – in this blogger's humble opinion.

The NBA world never stop … enjoy the day and evening folks!