Someone rising up draft boards late in the cycle is Arizona sophomore guard Dalen Terry. At 6 foot and 7 14 inches, he is very tall for a guard. Add on his 7 foot and 34 inch wingspan, and you have some measurements that can be very alluring to some NBA front offices. He’s a little on the skinnier side of things at just 195 pounds, but being in an NBA weight room can really do favors for frames. Within that frame, he has an intriguing set of guard skills and defensive presence that is among the best in the draft.

During his sophomore season, Dalen Terry earned All-Pac 12 Defensive Team honors. His all-around game has found draft analysts and NBA teams looking to Dalen Terry as a potential first round pick.

Dalen Terry, Guard, Arizona


Height (with shoes): 6 foot 7 14 inches

Wingspan: 7 foot 34 inches

Weight: 195.2 pounds

Age: 19 (7/12/2002)

College Career Statistics

<b>2020-21</b> Arizona Pac-12 26 14 20.7 1.5 3.6 0.415 1 2 0.49 0.5 1.7 0.326 1 1.7 0.614 0.8 2.4 3.2 1.5 0.7 0.4 1.2 2.3 4.6
<b>2021-22</b> Arizona Pac-12 37 37 27.8 3.1 6.2 0.502 2.4 4.1 0.572 0.8 2.1 0.364 1.1 1.4 0.736 1.2 3.7 4.8 3.9 1.2 0.3 1.4 2.3 8



Dalen Terry, as mentioned earlier, has a very good frame — he’s tall and long. He gives good effort defensively and is able to utilize his frame at a high level. Using his arms he shoots passing lanes very well. He had a steal rate of 2.5% and averaged 1.2 steals per game. Using quick hands and good instincts, Terry really likes going for pick sixes, and turns defense into offense. Another thing that makes his defense special is him not over-gambling. Oftentimes, prospects with good steal numbers give up looks to their man — leaving them open in search of a steal. However, Terry is good at not jumping the gun and he knows when to get into the passing lanes.

He has the lateral quickness and hip flexibility to keep up with quick guards. At the next level, he should be able to guard 1-3 initially and potentially the 4 if he is able to put on more muscle. Terry was able to shut down isolation possessions at times, holding opponents to just 36.4% in isolation possessions against him, per Synergy Sports. Overall on the season, opponents shot just 31.5% when guarded by Terry, per Synergy Sports. It shows on both film and stats just how good Terry can be defensively. The potential of his defense at the next level is immense.


Transition Offense

In the open floor, Dalen Terry is a menace. He is athletic and if he doesn’t have the ball can run the floor well — ending in a dunk or acrobatic finish. If the ball is in his hands, he has some of the best outlet passing in this class. He sees the floor very well, and transition is where he seems most comfortable on offense. He knows how to find guys cutting or on the three point line. His passes have a good amount of zip to them, and he could provide some energy to the Nuggets if they are playing slow — he could come in and push the pace. He’s a good rebound and run guy; rebounding is one of his strengths and it shows when starting a fast break. Look for him to be able to run the floor and work teams in transition at the NBA level.



Given his size, Dalen Terry sees the floor easier than the typical guard. Given this and a great feel for the game — his passing is stand out. Cutters? He finds them! Kick outs? Yeah, he can do that! Pick and roll? More like pick and…very good at passing…anyways, so he has the court vision to find guys who are cutting or relocating off the ball. He’s a decent driver himself, so that allows him to create looks for others. He makes the extra pass, and always keeps the ball moving.

Off Ball Cutting

Dalen Terry is one of the best cutters in the class. He finds gaps in the defense, slipping through them and finding his way to the basket with ease. Playing next to Nikola Jokic, it would be his best way of scoring on offense. He shot an astounding 68.6% around the rim this season, and given his athletic tools, that is translatable to the next level. With all the motion in Denver’s system, Dalen could serve as a great connective tissue. He shot 36.4% from 3 at Arizona this season. With that and the off-ball cutting on top of his passing, he can be the connector offensively for the Nuggets.




While Dalen Terry is a good off-ball cutter and solid enough catch and shoot threat, he won’t exactly be creating much for himself at the next level. There were flashes of driving off the dribble, and when he did he converted at a high rate. However, he doesn’t have much of an in-between game and was not much of an off the dribble jump shooter. He only averaged 8 points per game at Arizona this past season, and I see his peak at the next level being about 12-14 points per game.


Dalen Terry has a very well-rounded and interesting skill set. He’s a top passer in this year’s draft class, and a top defender too. Given his off the ball scoring skills, with his cutting and shooting off the catch, I think he fits better in Denver than he would elsewhere as a scorer. He would essentially be the Nuggets’ swiss army knife on both offense and defense.

His potential as a connector on offense, and potential as a perimeter stopper on defense — he’s a very alluring prospect. The Nuggets have enough offensive firepower to make up for his lack of scoring, and his skills in the other aspects of the game are very good. He is someone I would target if I were working in the Nuggets’ front office. Whether it be at 21 or 30, he would be a good addition to the roster and someone who could contribute right away.