Denver Stiffs has learned the Nuggets plan to workout six more players Wednesday morning, June 20th. Monday the Nuggets worked out six potential players and ten more today (June 19th). The Monday workout featured some players that, in my opinion, could be available with the No. 20 pick, today the players involved appeared to be guys that could be drafted in the second-round or signed as rookie free agents. The list for tomorrow features some players with first and second round potential.

Shooting Guards:

Orlando Johnson, UC Santa Barbara (6'5" / 225 pounds / Senior / Shooting Guard)

Quincy Roberts, Grambling State University (6-5 / 200 / Junior / Shooting Guard)

Small Forwards:

Brian Conklin, St. Louis University (6-6 / 230 / Senior / Small Forward)

Quincy Miller, Baylor University (6-10 / 220 / Freshman / Small Forward). At the 2:35 mark of this video, Miller says he has already worked out for the Nuggets (as well as the Celtics and Mavericks).

Power Forwards:

Josh Owens, Stanford University (6-9 / 230 / Senior / Power Forward)

Draymond Green, Michigan State University (6-7 / 236 / Senior / Power Forward)

*Players subject to change