The Denver Nuggets worked out six potential players yesterday at the Pepsi Center, today they have a whole new cast of characters coming to the Pepsi Center. Today’s players will be broken down into two group workouts. That breakdown is as follows:

Group #1:

Jason Clark, Georgetown University (6’2” / 180 pounds / Senior / Shooting Guard). Nate’s take: He’ll probably have to try to adjust to playing point guard in the NBA, a task that could prove tough for the scorer.

Kyle Fogg, University of Arizona (6-2 / 190 / Senior / Shooting Guard). Nate’s take: Another undersized shooting guard who might have to learn the PG spot to stick in the NBA. He was a two-time captain at Arizona and a defensive standout. Fogg is a fighter, not with his hands, but in his efforts to prove his doubters wrong. Look for him at perhaps pick No. 50 or a free agent camp invitee.

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Kenny Gabriel, Auburn University (6-8 / 200 / Senior / Small Forward). Nate’s take: Another guy the Nuggets might be able to get at No. 50 or as a free agent. He isn’t listed among the top small forward’s in the draft and would have to prove to be something special to stay in the NBA. He has all around game, is very athletic, and has a knack for blocking shots (2nd in the SEC last season). The Spurs have been rumored with Gabriel, that has to be a good sign?

Mitchell Watt, University at Buffalo (6-9 / 230 / Senior / Power Forward). Nate’s take: Yet another guy that could be taken at pick No. 50 or invited to training camp. Watt fought a battle with Guillan-Barre Syndrome early in his college career and has been battling doubters ever since. He was the MAC Conference Player of the Year last season and boasts a balanced game.

Four Seniors … the Nuggets are looking at character guys here and players that have been fighting and overcoming great odds. Don't be surprised to see one or two of these names on the Summer League roster next month in Las Vegas. By clicking each player name, you are taken to a link about them.

Group #2:

Festus Ezeli, Vanderbilt University (6-11 / 265 / Senior / Center). Nate’s take: Ezeli could be taken in the last first or early second round. The Nuggets might be hoping that the Nigerian falls to them at No. 38. He’s big and has shown improvement in his overall game at Vandy, but he’s still a big time project.

Eli Holman, University of Detroit (6-8 / 255 / Senior / Power Forward). Nate’s take: A bit of an undersized power-forward with a massive 7’4” wingspan. Has had some off-court issues that caused him to transfer from Indiana to Detroit, but the former highly recruited Holman has some talent. Likely a No. 50 pick or free agent flyer.

Bernard James, Florida State University (6-10 / 230 / Senior / Center). Nate’s take: At 27-years old, the former military man doesn’t have much on upside, but he’s projected to be a mid-second round pick and could catch on and do well with a veteran team. Still, not a very polished player and he needs to catch on quick to have NBA success.

Greg Somogyi, UC Santa Barbara (7-3 / 242 / Senior / Center). Nate’s take: Project player from Hungary. He has the size to stick in the league, but does he possess the talent to play with the big boys? It’ll be an uphill battle for Somogyi if he’s selected late in the draft or invited to a camp.

Hank Thorns, Texas Christian University (5-9 / 165 / Senior / Point Guard). Nate’s take: He’s quick and he can score, but can he make it in the NBA?

Maalik Wayns, Villanova University (6-1 / 195 / Junior / Point Guard). Nate’s take: A scoring point guard who thrived in the Big East. Sounds like he has some Andre Miller in him, scoring wise. Not the strongest finisher, but can put the ball in the hoop.

*All players subject to change