If you cruise around the SB Nation NBA blogs today, you'll see our final themed post before training camp begins in a couple weeks. Today we're going through which player you'd want to see brought back to your favorite team. Here on Stiffs, we're going to go with three options and let you decide who comes back.

Option 1: Dikembe Mutombo

During his five seasons with the Nuggets, Deke averaged 12.9 points, 8.4 defensive rebounds, 3.9 offensive rebounds, 3.8 blocks, and 52.6% shooting. Consider that Serge Ibaka led the NBA with 3.03 blocks per game and that Dwight Howard led the NBA with 12.4 rebounds per game this season – that’d put Mutombo at the top of the blocks list and just 0.01 boards behind Howard.

Obviously, Mutombo would start ahead of JaVale McGee, but would that be good for the Nuggets? Would Mutombo give the Nuggets the lift the team needs on the defensive end and all around at center?

Option 2: David Thompson

During his seven seasons with the Nuggets, Skywalker averaged 23.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 50.2% shooting from the field. If you tossed his career scoring average into last season’s scoring leaders, Thompson would rank 6th – behind James Harden and in front of Russell Westbrook.

With Randy Foye and Evan Fournier looking to split the shooting guard duties this season, Thompson would be a gigantic upgrade. He was one of the best players during his time and could give the Nuggets the right lift from a position of need.

Option 3: Alex English

During his 11 seasons with the Nuggets, English averaged 25.5 points on 50.7% shooting from the field. Like Thompson, if you put English's scoring average into last season's leaders he'd rank 6th behind James Harden and in front of Russell Westbrook. That's elite company.

With Danilo Gallinari starting the season on the injured list, English could step in and start, but that’d relegate Wilson Chandler back to the bench and really cut down on the minutes that Jordan Hamilton or Quincy Miller could receive. With Chandler being more than a capable starter, would English’s addition make a lot of sense? He is the team’s all time leading scorer.

Nate's selection:

I’d take Thompson on this team. His scoring prowess, defensive awareness – including shot blocking, would be a welcomed addition to this team. The Nuggets haven’t had a ton of luck in the shooting guard department since Thompson’s departure in 1982. That’s 31 years! Sure, the team has had a defender like Bryant Stith, shooter like Voshon Leonard, a three and D guy in Arron Afflalo, and a defensive ace in Andre Iguodala – but they’ve all either not been elite players or not had long tenures with the team.

Runner up: Mutombo. His defense would allow Faried to roam and Deke was underrated on the offensive end as he averaged 16.6 points per game as a rookie.

Who would you choose?

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