We’ve seen some pretty passes from Denver Nuggets backup point guard Nate Robinson this season, but this one may take the cake.

With the Nuggets up 35-22 in the second quarter last night, Robinson ran a little pick-and-roll with Timofey Mozgov (who was rumbling down the court after a Pacers made basket). Nate used the screen to attack the lane from the top of the key, Mozgov rolled down the lane, and Roy Hibbert had to commit to NateRob and that left Mozgov open for the pass.

Robinson got creative with the dish and left the Pacers with little-to-no time to react to the play. Robinson flipped the ball behind his head and Mozgov, alert on the play!, made a pretty catch and got the easy dunk. One of the many things Moz has shown this season is improved hands. Great awareness by the big man to be on the ready for the creative Robinson and a beautiful play on a good night from the Nuggets.

We hope to see more of this as the season rolls along. Kudos Robinson and kudos Mozgov.