In addition to Mozgov, Spears lists: Andrea “I don’t play defense” Bargnani and Jose “I try to take over, but can’t” Calderon (Raptors), MarShon “I’m the odd man out” Brooks (Nets), Andrew “I like to bowl on injured knees” Bynum (76ers), Tyreke “I can’t shoot” Evans (Kings), Pau “My knees hurt” Gasol (Lakers), Tyler “I like to foul” Hansbrough (Pacers), Gerald “Get me out of Charlotte” Henderson (Bobcats), Kevin “I sign a contract and then complain about it” Love and Derrick “What’s my position?” Williams (Timberwolves), Anderson “Why wasn’t I this good with LeBron here” Varejao (Cavaliers), and Paul “They gotta trade somebody” Millsap (Jazz) as potential trade pieces this season.

Here is what Spears had to say about the Nuggets‘ third center:

Contract status: Making $3.1 million in last year of contract. Will be a restricted free agent at end of the season.

Buzz: Of their three centers, the Nuggets are most willing to part with Mozgov, who has proven in his short NBA career and Olympic play that he is a serviceable big man. The Nuggets probably won’t try to re-sign him with two other free agents on the horizon: guard Andre Iguodala and reserve swingman Corey Brewer.

“It’s logical because they have three centers and it’s hard for [coach George] Karl to play them all,” one NBA GM said. “The Nuggets are not a big revenue-generating team and they’re not going to pay the tax.”

Scanning the interwebs I came across a post from about Boston fans looking at adding Mozgov with the departure of Darko Milicic to their beloved Celtics.

A snippet:

REALISTIC trade possibility:
Fab Melo, Leandro Barbosa, and a 1st rounder for Timofey Mozgov. Do you make this trade? Please note the word “realistic.” You’re NOT getting Mozgov for just Fab Melo and a 2nd rounder. You have to give to get (Unless you’re the Lakers of course). And again we don’t have the tradable assets to get the sexier names on the trade market.

What do you think Stiffs? Have we been undervaluing Mozgov's trade value across the league?