After reading through the comment section and seeing how the poll was shaking out, I wanted to cut the list down and let people vote again — in case, like me, they might have changed their mind after being reminded of a few things.

When I say, “most hated player” the name Kobe Bryant comes to mind. But for this one, we’re not talking rival-hatred … we’re talking in-house hatred. Like the family member you wish you could trade in.

Well Stiffs, I’m asking you to vote on your most hated (sports hate, not real hate) ex-Nuggets player or perhaps management member. If I’ve missed someone, let me know in the comment section and vote for that person there with a “+1” or whatever type of reply comment. This vote is part of a larger project – once we receive the votes, I’ll pass the info along and link up the bigger story in the days ahead!

Let's get to the new poll …

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