Here are some more highlights from Arthur at Media Day

  • on Malone helping with team chemistry: "his whole thing is defense and chemistry, and offense will come," "his approach to the game is amazing," "from what I've heard, he's going to keep people in line"
  • on the familiarity of the roster helping to integrate the new system: "it's going to help a lot, you don't have a whole lot of guys that need to learn the new scheme," said Malone is simplifying everything to make it easy
    on frustrations of playing time and injury last season: "I really can't control the injury thing, I've been in the gym working on the strength of my legs," "it frustrates me, but I can't get mad at the stuff I can't control"
  • on whether or not he knew Mudiay watched him when he played in high school: "I didn't," then shared a laugh with the media, said he used to watch a lot of players like Chris Bosh and Deron Williams when he was in middle school
  • when it was pointed out that Mudiay was in elementary school when he watched him: "I'm old, man," then laughed again
  • on Mudiay: "good guy, good kid, doesn't get into any trouble, I'm looking forward to playing with him"
  • on position: "I'll play any position Coach wants me to play," said power forward has been the one he's played the most but that he can play any position
  • on three-pointers: been working on corner threes, said he's been struggling with the top area of the three-point line but will continue to work on that as well