CBS Sports’ Matt Moore has an excellent feature up about Nuggets head coach George Karl. This is a must read and a perfect read before you settle in to watch Game 2 this evening.

Click here for the whole thing and here is a snippet:

“I remember a few times speaking to a couple NBA guys about what we do, and about attacking before the defense sets and what we’re trying to get. And so many coaches think you gotta have one low post presence to win and you can’t speed the game up in the playoffs.

“Why am I going to play like everybody and not win? I can’t win playing against Shaq or playing against Tim Duncan playing their way. You can if you get lucky, but … But in Seattle, we did a lot of things outside the box. We double-teamed a lot. People said we’d double-team a Coke machine.

“People said you couldn’t do that in the playoffs either. ‘If you give us time in the playoffs to prepare, we’ll beat it.’ Well … “

One thing I've learned this season about having access to these coaches and players: Karl is refreshing to talk with. He'll give you all sorts of time to answer your questions and he'll even talk with you about current happenings in the NBA, the world, and countless stories from his coaching past.

Again, excellent work by our friend Matt Moore and worth the time for you to read it.